HUNGER: How far are you willing to go to get what you want?

Hunger_Pains36tDetailHave you ever noticed how a hunger pain sounds like a cat growl? The threat of, “if you don’t feed me, you will regret it!” GRRRRRR!!!

My faith has been in question for awhile. As soon as my eyes opened this morning, I was hungry to have an encounter with “Him” so I decided that I would fast until I had received what I was in search of. Questions like: how are we justified by faith? What happens when my faith is weak? Is it possible for our faith to be weak or do we simply have no faith at all. Sure, I believe what Jesus did for me but am I walking in faith daily? Faith is a funny thing! Without faith we cannot please God?

First, I shut my eyes and focused on Jesus, pushing away all distractions and I was willing to wait as long as it took for “Him” to speak to me.  I was expecting a heavenly experience like the kind they talk about on the Sid Roth programs.  Recently, someone said that God is a chatterbox so I was hopeful.  In my experience, seven significant words, like “I AM giving you a Double portion,” has been a conversation that’s drawn out over many years.  In my impatience, I think it became a one-sided conversation.  I was excited when He spoke those words to me because at the time I was cleaning my toilet and maybe the thought that I would be rich and never have to clean another toilet in my lifetime seemed pretty awesome.

An hour later, I opened my eyes and realized “nothing” had happened.  I turned to my daily devotional for some wisdom as it always has good information but nothing was giving me that “WOW” revelation that gets me excited.  While reading my bible, there were some scriptures that were confirming what I am learning from Jonathan Welton’s “Understanding the whole bible” teaching.  The light bulb came on  when I read, “Living in Christ-like LOVE is the evidence of our FAITH!”  It dawned on me that as long as I’m displaying love for and toward others, my faith is in operation.   The only command Jesus gave us was to “Love one another as I have loved you”.  My faith is equal to my love!

I’ve been preaching to anyone who will listen for a long time that Man’s love and God’s love are very different.  Man’s love is flawed and feels good temporarily, almost like sin.  God’s love is permanent and perfect.  It’s very challenging to operate in God’s love all the time because we get angry and want to act on that anger when people are less than we want them to be.  We want the ideal.  “Goodness” to be evident all the time yet we live in a fallen world where people just don’t care that much until they come to believe that the world can be changed through their LOVE.  Specifically ourselves, loving ourselves so that we can love others the way God intends for us to do so. When Christ lives in us, His love flows out of us.  I’m not saying I’m doing it perfectly.  Just yesterday, I wanted to slap a couple people but I didn’t do it!  Instead I acted graciously.   Call me two-faced but  I’ve already asked forgiveness for it.  Maybe genuine love starts out that way.  It may seem like we are being two-faced until we really fall in love and have compassion on God’s creation like He has.  Thankfully there is no one that understands better that He does.

Bon Apetit!!   Until next time.