Every time, I say the word “Deliverance,” my atheist husband smirks and I know what he is thinking.   I pray the day will come when his deliverance from the spirit of antichrist and the spirit of addiction will supersede and replace the most heinous scene, from the 1972 movie “Deliverance” starring Burt Reynolds and Jon Voight, in his mind.   One of the jobs, Jesus left for us to do, as his representatives on earth, was to cast out evil spirits and while Hollywood’s version of exorcism seems to entertain the world, they aren’t entirely truthful.

At the age of 21, I had the desire to become spiritually clean so that I would not pass on my garbage to my children. So I decided to seek professional help from a counselling pastor. From the time of our births, we, human beings accumulate a lot sin in our souls unless we are dealing with it regularly. Often our ancestors pass down their sins from generation to generation until it resides with us.    God is our deliverer but we must play an active part in acquiring freedom from the spirits that wage war against God within us.   If we choose not to reconcile our sins with God, it just sits and rots our souls and our mortal bodies are eventually physically affected.

After a couple sessions with my therapist, he handed me the number of a deliverance pastor and suggested that there was probably more spiritually at work in my life than he could handle on his own. So I called the number and scheduled an appointment for us to meet.   The day of the big “D” was hairy scary.   I barely escaped 2 potential car accidents trying to get to the appointment and the second one was in the church parking lot.   After entering the church, my body was suffering discomfort as I waited for the pastors to plan their strategy of attack.   When they finally invited me into the office, my body temperature skyrocketed. I started peeling off articles of clothing without revealing it all. Noticing my beet-red face, the pastor remarked that he could see my discomfort, so he prayed and bound that spirit’s power over me.  As we continued the questions and answers period, that would determine why the spirit(s) have legal right to reside with me, suddenly, my body’s thermostat went in the opposite direction.   I was freezing. My hair stood on end, my teeth chattered and I started putting on the clothes, I had previously removed.   Again he prayed and I was comfortable for a little while. I could feel the spirits’ within me getting antsy and their grip getting tighter.   In fear and desperation, I grabbed onto the imaginary noose around my neck.   I cried because I didn’t know at that time they only have the power we give them.  The feeling of my life, being squeezed from my body, was very real but entirely invisible. As we prayed and I agreed with the truth, being spoken over me, finally, all at once, they were gone.   I felt free and a lot lighter!   From that time to this, deliverance has come in many different ways, at different times and with a lot less drama. The experience of releasing the enemy’s grip is unforgettable and life changing.      Like housework, the work of forgiveness, repentance and cleansing the soul, needs to be done often.

I am certain however that I do not want to let them come back in.   Some people do though. Some people have lived with their demons for so long, it’s as if they can’t live without them.   Still, other Christians fear deliverance ministries and speak against them. Which I must warn against.   Do Not Speak Against the Lord’s Anointed & Do Not Lean on your Own Understanding!!!  If you are feeling angry and rebellious about this warning, consider getting exorcised.   Accept and embrace the experiences that God gives, that lead to complete freedom, no matter how bizarre they might seem to your logical brain.




Today, I praised God as we attended the Remembrance Day ceremony. My heart rejoiced because we can still sing “Oh Canada” with God in it; we can still read scripture in a public place; we can still display the cross as a symbol for the one’s that sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Jesus, being the first and greatest person who is worthy to receive praise and honor for the greatest sacrifice.
I ask the Lord to forgive our Mayor who references Muhammad and has the audacity to say that Canada’s reputation is made by man’s efforts. And while I’m at it, I want to ask the Lord to forgive our nation’s sins, past, present and FUTURE. Our good reputation as Peace Keepers is directly from God himself. Thank you, Lord for your mercy and your plans for the Canadian people.
We are entering into a very unsettling time, starting with the announcement of the recession and carrying on for the next few years but hopefully will be cut short by our diligent prayers. From the recent election results, it was evident that Canada is clearly divided in who they wanted to lead the country. This nation will be in for a rollercoaster ride with its new leading party. History has shown that every time the people chose to go their own direction which is away from God the country suffers. The mistakes or stains that this new leadership will make, that will be embraced by the citizens, will have dire consequences. I pray that the people’s eyes will be opened by the understanding of sin’s ramifications and we will seek the Lord, repent and be reconciled to Him once again.
Years ago, The Lord told me to go and buy a new paint brush. So I did. When I came home, He told me to paint the walls of my house with the blood of Jesus (imaginary blood, of course…this was a prophetic act that would protect my family against what was coming). After reading the book, “The Prayer of Jabez”, I wanted to impact my neighbors for the glory of God and the purposes of His kingdom, so I started praying the Jabez prayer faithfully for my whole block. Bad things started happening all around me. One neighbor was diagnosed with cancer and divorced her husband, another man had his wife committed for mental illness (I didn’t think she was ill at all), and yet another strong practicing “Jehovah’s Witness” family divorced and divided the family. Those are just a few of the stories I could tell. My point is that our prayers don’t always bring immediate gratification or positive results. Sometimes there is a sequence of events that must happen to bring people face to face with God.
Unfortunately the events that will transpire will keep Canadians focus off of their intended destiny, which is to bless Israel. The enemy’s plan is to keep our eyes on Canada’s problems. Israel is being attacked and it appears that they have been abandoned by allies who could help them fight off imposing threats. God promises that those who bless Israel will be blessed. Canada’s issues are easily remedied by focusing on God’s solutions. Please pray that our country will step up and rescue Israel and by doing so will reap the blessing that comes with it. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
There will be some who, though they have eyes cannot see and though they have ears cannot hear but after Canada has been faced with calamity, then they will know that I Am the Lord.


God is showing me how to make my prayer life more effective. He says that I must pray out of the spirit realm, not from my soul. At first, I did not understand what He was saying. First, I need to explain the differences and similarities between the two. My soul consists of my mind, will, and emotions (those components that make me different from anyone else) and my spirit is that part of me that connects with God directly, however we use our soul to make the connection. Like the mind is part of the brain: the brain is the physical part while the mind is the soul part but still connected. Likewise, the soul and spirit are connected and when John, the apostle said, “I become less and Jesus becomes more,” He was referring to the inmost parts of himself. By denying ourselves and choosing what God wants, we become closer to holiness and perfection. God says, “Be Holy as I am Holy.” When we are given new indestructible bodies, we will finally be perfected body, soul and spirit.
After asking the Lord to explain to me the difference between praying from my soul and praying from my spirit, He started showing me how to differentiate. On Sunday morning, as I was worshipping Him at church, I closed my eyes and imagined walking up the staircase to Heaven where I met Jesus. We started to dance to the music that played in the church. I was very aware that my feet were touching the floor. Then, in my imagination Jesus and I started ascending higher and higher as we danced. In my mind’s eye, I could see us above where I knew my physical body was. My body and soul were planted in the church but my spirit was in the air with Jesus. I felt jealous. I wanted my whole self to be up there with Him.
Just so you don’t think I’m off my rocker, Paul, another apostle had an experience from 2 Corinthians 12:3, where he said, “whether in the body or out of the body I do not know, God knows”, it was so real to him that he could not differentiate. It seems to me that God had temporarily transported Paul’s body, soul and spirit in a vision or revelatory experience.
As our model, Jesus said, “I do only what I see the Father doing.” Some believe that in his private prayer times, He would visit with the Father and receive revelation for the work that He would do in that day. We are to do the same.
It’s been said that our minds do not differentiate between our thoughts/imaginations and real life. Our minds perceive both as equally real. So seeing a healing in your imagination gives it power to manifest in the natural. Last weekend, I was with the Senior High Boys Volleyball team at a tournament. On the second day, one of our players woke up very sick, unable to play. As I prayed for him, I saw in my imagination the Finger of God touch the back at his lower abdomen. Then awhile later, he allowed me to lay hands on him and pray and I visualized the same image I saw previously. Since we only had six players to start off with, his illness could have been a major setback for our team instead we won first place in the “B” pool. Praise God. I say, “It is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me!” Oh wait, that was Paul, the apostle (one of the authors of the Bible) that said that.

Oh, I almost forgot. God does not want us to use our imagination for selfish ambition or personal gain which means that each thought we have needs to be obedient to Christ. It is very important that our thoughts line up to Jesus’ teachings for the purpose of God’s kingdom. Amen?



Recently, I forewarned my friends, family and co-workers that I am in the midst of making some adjustments in the way I speak.  Taking every thought and every word captive and bringing it into obedience has been interesting.   As I often get carried away in a story I am telling, I may need to ask the Lord for forgiveness right in mid-sentence.

In January, I felt the Lord impressing upon me to revisit the book “30 days to Taming your Tongue” as a New Year’s Resolution.   At the time, my thinking was that my tongue wasn’t that bad and with my sister-in-law, her 2 sons and her 3 dogs living with us, I had a lot on my plate. In truth, I felt the purpose of my unbridled tongue was stress relief.   As the year wore on, I could see that this place of discontentment that I had arrived at was a world created by the power of my tongue.

As I listened to a teaching on the effects cursing, which can be as simple as calling someone an idiot, has on one’s life, I started to realize that I had become angry, although it seemed justifiably so, the anger was creating negative circumstances.   So I quickly got out my prayer book and one by one started to renounce and rebuke or call back or put to flames the words I had used against people who had harmed me and started to pray for each person the way I pray for myself.

Adam F. Thompson, author of “The Supernatural Man” said that if you want to see your life change quickly and drastically for the better and if you want to walk in your destiny, then you must pray in tongues continuously. I started praying in and out of the Spirit as much as it came to my mind to pray.   I’ve been told and am aware that many people feel very uncomfortable with tongues as I did when the Lord encouraged me to start.   Some people think that tongues is a gift that is only given to some.   Speaking is a gift to us all. Communicating without the gift of speaking can be very difficult. Learning a new language or even sign language is a very challenging but rewarding skill.   God asks us to trust Him in the ability of acquiring a prayer language and we must step out of our comfort zone. We enter into it realizing that 97% of the things we say, we may never understand.  However our faith is built up as a result.   We gain greater understanding when the Spirit is communicating with our spirit.   My prayer language is a private and intimate undertaking but has been rewarding beyond my understanding.   God in His mercy allows us revelation and insight into how our faithfulness to our prayer language is being realized in our sphere of influence. The enemy (aka the devil) absolutely hates those who trust God at this level and frankly anything he hates I’m willing to undertake.   I definitely want the strongest weapons in my arsenal.

With repentance and constant prayer, it’s like jet fuel has been added to my walk with God.   In 6 short months, I have been used by God to produce miracles and I am excited for the next 6 months.



Speaking to the Lord, as I would a constant companion has proven to be very practical.  Does speaking to God in this way depreciate Him?  If it did, would He grant my prayer?  You decide.

While contemplating my circumstances, if and when my youngest son was to return to the public school system after one year of homeschooling, I uttered a simple request of my Lord.   Descending the stairs with a laundry basket in hand my words spoken were,  “Father, if I’m to get another job, please make it 9am to 3pm so that I am still available for the children.”  Imagine my shock when the phone rang a week later and I heard these precise words, “Hey Jude, wanna job… it’s 9 to 3.”   No one knew of my request to God. Some might say it couldn’t have been more crystal clear.  God’s response had come so quickly that I wasn’t absolutely convinced that it was the answer.  Past mistakes had made me leery of making future blunders.  Recalling my prayer and my desire, I hesitantly gave her the bewildered reply.   Accepting what seemed to be a silver platter offer, I advanced into an administrative position in an oilfield company, without any prior oilfield experience.  What’s more bizarre is that my friend was not the boss.  She was actually leaving the company to pursue selling real estate and wanted her boss to have an equally efficient office staff.  For some reason, she thought I was the lady for the job.  All I had to do was shake the hand of the owner and start training at the mercy of my very loyal friend.  Accepting God’s gracious handout resulted in many more amazing opportunities.  Although, God is my commander in chief, Jesus came to be my servant and friend.  In this case, I believe that my desire was already His desire.