Hmmm?   Love is like playing the piano?

When I turned 40, I realized that time was flying by. The reality that I didn’t have enough time to do all the things I want to, set in. However, I am going it give it a good effort anyway.   First, I decided to ride a street bike.   Very quickly, I went from a baby bike to a big girl bike.   I haven’t mastered her yet but I’m ready to check off another goal from my very long bucket list during the winter months.

My next endeavour has been to take piano lessons. Whether it’s playing the piano or practicing love, it is best when you follow the example and advice of a good teacher. It is great to have good role models but what happens when you don’t?   There is hope. Jesus is your role model for love.   It doesn’t matter that he was never married because he treated everyone with dignity and respect and we are to love everyone.  Although someone else said these words, you can accept them as Jesus speaking directly to you.   “Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.   Train yourself to be godly. Physical training is good, but training in godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.   Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.”   PURITY!? Now that’s a challenge because although we show everyone how good we are on the outside, God knows what we look like on the inside.   By the grace of God, go I. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect but in the time being, I know that it is only because of Jesus’ righteousness that I am able to come boldly into God’s gracious presence.

For years, I’ve been practicing love but in that time my heart has been broken into itty bitty pieces and I’ve learned to guard my heart against loved ones who hurt without remorse or sneak in a bit of revenge. As I commit myself to prayer for not only the ones I love but my enemies too, I choose to trust God to fight my battles in the spiritual realm in the same ways He did for King David. What God has done for one, when asked, He will do for another. Often, the argument, “that God expects me to do for myself” has been brought up by Christians who don’t mind living on the beach with God’s palace overlooking their little tent but I want to live in His home with Him.   My interpretation of God’s Word entails a lot more intimacy and dependency than these advisors suggest. So, I choose to always put love first and to sacrifice myself for the sake of the greater good so that I will dwell with the most High forever.

Many people have confided in me about their failed marriages. Often, I’ve wondered, if they had let God help, how would the circumstances have been different? There are four marriages, that I’ve seen where God has helped and completely released a spouse from another because of the other half’s outrageous behaviour. Yes, you heard me correctly. The marriage dissolved with God’s intervention. Clearly, the one spouse was favoured by God and blessed by being severed from a highly dysfunctional relationship.   Sometimes God requires us to let go of friends that have bad influence over us, as well. Considering that there may be an idealist reading this blog, I will say that my grandpa and grandma on my father’s side lasted happily until death did them part. Years ago, I witnessed a christian couple that submitted themselves to God for the healing of their marriage.  He was faithful and they were blissfully surprise how amazing God is. From where I stand, I want my life to be completely directed by God.   I am certain that His way is leap years ahead of what I could do for myself. I still want what I want and am willing to practice love and patience in order to achieve the end result.   God promises that He will give me anything I ask for.

A common benefit of playing the piano and practicing love is reduced stress.   Also, research has shown that older men and women who take up the piano as a hobby generally have an increased sex drive and better cognitive functions which is absolutely a perk when practicing love WITH YOUR SPOUSE!!





It is what we were created for. Our Purpose. Our Destiny!

I’m in Love with my Bridegroom King. He listens for hours and remains interested. In response, He satisfies my desires, fulfills my dreams and gives me gifts. This is no small feat because I have a bucket list the length of eternity.   He builds my confidence and has never broken it down. He asks me to wait and does not disappoint. Although it doesn’t sound like it, this relationship is two-sided. In trust, I have given Him my whole life and my whole heart. He is my hero, champion, lover (of my soul), best friend, and confidante! The one who created me and it is an honor and privilege to give back what is rightfully His.   Within His love, I have learned who I am.   I am an important member of His family “the church”.  I say important because there was a time when I couldn’t even choke out those words without bursting into tears. Understanding my importance has solidified, in my heart how important every one of his children are.

As I’ve shared before the Lord often speaks to me while I’m doing the normal things a homemaker does. One day, as I was putting my canning away, in my cold room, under the stairs, God’s love poured out over me. This presence of fullness and joy was illuminated light and tangibly light, meaning not heavy.  Impartation came with the understanding that this love was for everyone to experience and share without competition. I never again needed to be insecure about His love toward me. The desire to take everyone to heaven in my mothering arms became a powerful force.  The world teaches that love hurts more than it heals.   Love is being so abused.   People love for all the wrong reasons.   Selfish love is not love at all.   I grieve for those who don’t know they are loved with the abundant love Jesus offers. But in my grief is where I declare victory with my tears. Evangeline Johnson, in the seventy sixth issue of Above Rubies says, “Warriors cry tears with purpose. Their hearts are set on the knowledge that God sees their tears and acts on their behalf.” Tears are weapons against injustices such as human trafficking, slavery, abortion and corrupt governments as well as other issues that slap God in the face but that is for another blog.

Practicing Love with God, who is LOVE as well as the Perfect Father, the Best Brother, the Wonderful Counsellor, the Merciful King, the Lord of Heavens Armies, the Emmanuel is our life’s purpose.  Some people call this religion, I call it relationship.