Winners or Losers?


Something that has always bothered me is “Good People”.  My sweet darling girlfriend is kind, loving and sadly, has never wanted anything to do with God.   Thankfully, she still loves me.  I’ve met people who find out I’m a Jesus lover and hate me just because of that fact.   Others will tolerate me but make it perfectly clear that they will not tolerate my God talk, which is not acceptance.   Not my precious, beautiful, almost perfect friend who always accepts me as I am.  Once she said, “if you can share silence with a person, you know they are your true friend.”  I always feel at peace with her when I’m not feeling anxious that our time together is too short.    I want desperately for her to know Jesus as I know him so that we can party together in heaven’s ballroom.

Many people say that there is going to be a big party in hell.  The truth is that heaven was created for parties, fun and bliss.  There are many stories in the bible about parties.   For example, Luke writes about when Levi threw a party for Jesus as the guest of honor.  The religious leaders considered his guests, less than desirable.  So they vocalized their displeasure by asking why Jesus eats and drinks with such “scum”?   Jesus profound response was that, “It is not healthy people that need a doctor and I have not come to call those who think they are righteous but rather those who know they are sinners and want to change.    Those who come to God realize that “There is none good but God!”  It’s almost like, in order to experience the Goodness of God one must accept their own inability of perfection and/or goodness.

Hell was created for a different purpose.  Hell is a place away from God.  The movie “When Dreams May Come” depicts hell as a very lonely and painful place.  It is a place created for people who choose to have nothing to do with the one who created them.   It’s not God’s choice that gets them through the gate, it’s all theirs.

People who are really nice, good, people often believe they have no need of God.  They like who they are.     It’s been said that as we get older, we become comfortable with ourselves, and I think, that is why it is more difficult to come to God in our old age.  We accept ourselves with all of our faults and don’t need or want to apologize any more for the way we are.  As the years keep rolling by, I’m liking myself more and more.   Maybe pride is easier and humility, harder to achieve??

Other people say that we are living in hell right now, on earth.  Wrong again.  Earth seems more to me like Purgatory.  The middle place, where we are tested and are being prepared for the next life.

Some, don’t want to believe in hell because good people go there!   Anyway, who wants to be stuck in heaven with a bunch of losers?  LOL

On the other hand, a minion party sounds like a lot of fun!



God is showing me how to make my prayer life more effective. He says that I must pray out of the spirit realm, not from my soul. At first, I did not understand what He was saying. First, I need to explain the differences and similarities between the two. My soul consists of my mind, will, and emotions (those components that make me different from anyone else) and my spirit is that part of me that connects with God directly, however we use our soul to make the connection. Like the mind is part of the brain: the brain is the physical part while the mind is the soul part but still connected. Likewise, the soul and spirit are connected and when John, the apostle said, “I become less and Jesus becomes more,” He was referring to the inmost parts of himself. By denying ourselves and choosing what God wants, we become closer to holiness and perfection. God says, “Be Holy as I am Holy.” When we are given new indestructible bodies, we will finally be perfected body, soul and spirit.
After asking the Lord to explain to me the difference between praying from my soul and praying from my spirit, He started showing me how to differentiate. On Sunday morning, as I was worshipping Him at church, I closed my eyes and imagined walking up the staircase to Heaven where I met Jesus. We started to dance to the music that played in the church. I was very aware that my feet were touching the floor. Then, in my imagination Jesus and I started ascending higher and higher as we danced. In my mind’s eye, I could see us above where I knew my physical body was. My body and soul were planted in the church but my spirit was in the air with Jesus. I felt jealous. I wanted my whole self to be up there with Him.
Just so you don’t think I’m off my rocker, Paul, another apostle had an experience from 2 Corinthians 12:3, where he said, “whether in the body or out of the body I do not know, God knows”, it was so real to him that he could not differentiate. It seems to me that God had temporarily transported Paul’s body, soul and spirit in a vision or revelatory experience.
As our model, Jesus said, “I do only what I see the Father doing.” Some believe that in his private prayer times, He would visit with the Father and receive revelation for the work that He would do in that day. We are to do the same.
It’s been said that our minds do not differentiate between our thoughts/imaginations and real life. Our minds perceive both as equally real. So seeing a healing in your imagination gives it power to manifest in the natural. Last weekend, I was with the Senior High Boys Volleyball team at a tournament. On the second day, one of our players woke up very sick, unable to play. As I prayed for him, I saw in my imagination the Finger of God touch the back at his lower abdomen. Then awhile later, he allowed me to lay hands on him and pray and I visualized the same image I saw previously. Since we only had six players to start off with, his illness could have been a major setback for our team instead we won first place in the “B” pool. Praise God. I say, “It is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me!” Oh wait, that was Paul, the apostle (one of the authors of the Bible) that said that.

Oh, I almost forgot. God does not want us to use our imagination for selfish ambition or personal gain which means that each thought we have needs to be obedient to Christ. It is very important that our thoughts line up to Jesus’ teachings for the purpose of God’s kingdom. Amen?



God is continuously trying to communicate with his children every day, all day long. Shown in the illustration above, His children choose to respond differently.   While some want to hear his every word and listen with every part of their body as well as tuning in with the spiritual part of themselves, others refuse to even acknowledge that he exists and others listen only to what they want to hear, when they choose.   Imagine how these last two types of listeners’ behaviour must hurt His feelings.   Yet He chooses never to give up on them.

How does He communicate with us?   First and foremost, to hear God, you need to know the Bible, which is His written Word, from cover to cover with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, as well as His living Word, which is Jesus. As you read through the bible, you need to ask God questions and allow Him time to show you the answers. The bible doesn’t tell the whole story. There are gaps that the Lord wants to fill in for you but it’s a mystery and that’s why He tells us to seek His kingdom. His kingdom operates differently than this world.   For example; in heaven, you don’t need the promise of protection because you are always safe there.  I hear that an orange that you pick from the tree is fully ready to eat.  On earth, the reason for the peel is to protect the fruit. In heaven, there is nothing to damage the orange’s flesh. This analogy shows how His kingdom is contrary to the world’s system.

Knowing God’s written Word will also help you differentiate between the truth and a lie so that you can discern between the voices that are speaking. In your mind, you hear your own thoughts, the voice of the enemy disguised by your voice and the Holy Spirit as a still small voice. The enemy wants to confuse and deceive you. God promises that the mind that is focused on Him will be in perfect peace.

Other ways you hear His messages “in part” are through other people, repetition, nature, dreams and visions, art and music, in prayer and through circumstances.   Keeping your heart open and uncluttered will allow you to hear Him better.   Often He gives us one revelation at a time so it is easier to digest and will establish a firm root in our souls.

Sometimes He is silent but even in His silence, He’s communicating.   He likes listening to you so in those times of His silence, keep expressing yourself to Him.   Being the awesome Father, He models the behaviour He wants us to have. He beckons us to “Do as He does!”   The more we get to know God, the more we become like him.   Remember, we were made in his image but by choosing sin, we choose to oppose that image. Be deliberate in setting aside time each day to practice listening. As you learn to address Him as your constant companion, you will begin experiencing two-way communication.   In my experience, my desire to hear His voice has increased and as a result, I speak less and listen more.   God encourages us not to give up lest we lose our hope. God loves you with an everlasting love!!