Winners or Losers?


Something that has always bothered me is “Good People”.  My sweet darling girlfriend is kind, loving and sadly, has never wanted anything to do with God.   Thankfully, she still loves me.  I’ve met people who find out I’m a Jesus lover and hate me just because of that fact.   Others will tolerate me but make it perfectly clear that they will not tolerate my God talk, which is not acceptance.   Not my precious, beautiful, almost perfect friend who always accepts me as I am.  Once she said, “if you can share silence with a person, you know they are your true friend.”  I always feel at peace with her when I’m not feeling anxious that our time together is too short.    I want desperately for her to know Jesus as I know him so that we can party together in heaven’s ballroom.

Many people say that there is going to be a big party in hell.  The truth is that heaven was created for parties, fun and bliss.  There are many stories in the bible about parties.   For example, Luke writes about when Levi threw a party for Jesus as the guest of honor.  The religious leaders considered his guests, less than desirable.  So they vocalized their displeasure by asking why Jesus eats and drinks with such “scum”?   Jesus profound response was that, “It is not healthy people that need a doctor and I have not come to call those who think they are righteous but rather those who know they are sinners and want to change.    Those who come to God realize that “There is none good but God!”  It’s almost like, in order to experience the Goodness of God one must accept their own inability of perfection and/or goodness.

Hell was created for a different purpose.  Hell is a place away from God.  The movie “When Dreams May Come” depicts hell as a very lonely and painful place.  It is a place created for people who choose to have nothing to do with the one who created them.   It’s not God’s choice that gets them through the gate, it’s all theirs.

People who are really nice, good, people often believe they have no need of God.  They like who they are.     It’s been said that as we get older, we become comfortable with ourselves, and I think, that is why it is more difficult to come to God in our old age.  We accept ourselves with all of our faults and don’t need or want to apologize any more for the way we are.  As the years keep rolling by, I’m liking myself more and more.   Maybe pride is easier and humility, harder to achieve??

Other people say that we are living in hell right now, on earth.  Wrong again.  Earth seems more to me like Purgatory.  The middle place, where we are tested and are being prepared for the next life.

Some, don’t want to believe in hell because good people go there!   Anyway, who wants to be stuck in heaven with a bunch of losers?  LOL

On the other hand, a minion party sounds like a lot of fun!