Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

warning sign

Last Saturday, Michelle and I went to the Trade Fair.  Our mission was to enter all the draws for cool prizes.   Who doesn’t love to win something?  Later that day, at precisely 3:33pm, the phone rings and the lady on the other end, after verifying that she was speaking to the person who’s name she drew from the draw box said to me, “you have won a prize so come on over and choose what you would like.”  Sounded exciting until I got there and I was offered, a composter bucket, a recycle blue box or a recycle bag holder.  Making lemonade from my lemons, I accepted the blue box and it now exists as an extra laundry basket.  Better to win something than nothing. But where my story gets interesting is the next day at 3:33pm.

We were about to leave Jasper, Alberta after a fun day of travel soccer, when I looked at the clock at exactly 3:33pm.  I spoke allowed, “cool 3:33.  How am I going to be lucky today, Lord?  I confess that I did not listen to the answer until we were 20 minutes away from Jasper.  It had periodically come across my mind to check for my purse but I dismissed the thoughts with, “I’m sure I put it where I always put it in my bigger satchel.  As I was driving, finally, I asked my daughter who was sitting in the back seat to check my satchel.  Nope! Not there.  I pulled over to the side of the road and we did a detailed search of the entire vehicle.  Ugh!!   I was sooooooo mad at myself!

If only I had looked earlier.  Michelle’s turn to drive since I had no driver’s license.   We hightailed it back via the single lane slow posted speed of 80 or 90km/hr to Kentucky Fried Chicken where I remember leaving my purse on the back of the chair at lunch time.  I wanted to call the restaurant to see if my purse was indeed still there or if it had been stolen. “NO SERVICE.”   We had mountains on every side which means “Telephone Dead Zone.”

Dashing into Kentucky Fried Chicken, I retrieved my wallet sized purse to find all my valuables untouched.   Praise the Lord!  3:33 is definitely lucky for me.  I am blessed of the Lord.  He watches over me and my stuff.

Deuteronomy 33:3 says, “Indeed, He loves His people, all His holy ones are in His hands. They follow in His steps and accept His teaching.”

Jeremiah 33:3 The Lord says, “Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come.”

Ezekiel 33:3 says, “When the Watchmen sees the enemy coming, He sounds the alarm to warn the people.”

I was warned with the sign of 333 and that inner nagging, Where’s your purse?, Where’s your purse?  Where’s your purse? was my alarm.  I urge anyone reading this article,  Do Not Ignore that internal alarm!!  Ever!

Have a blessed day!!