Season of Preparation


In 1991, just before I headed off to College, the Lord gave me an open vision.  As I was driving my car, suddenly in my mind’s eye, I saw a huge movie screen open before my eyes and there it was.  The events of my past!  My heart was filled with remorse, as I uttered, “oops, sorry Father.”  It was clear that I had been steering my life in the wrong direction.  In the most gentle and gracious way, He said, “This is what you have done, I want you to see what I can do.”  His timing was perfect because I was ready for a change of lifestyle.   At that time, I was working the evening shift at the most popular bar in my hometown.   I was living my life selfishly and doing as I pleased without regard for anyone else.  Instantly, I knew that the way I had been living was unacceptable to my loving Saviour.   The one who had been with me the whole time. The one who died so that I could live.   Watching and allowing my very poor choices, Jesus loved me too much not to intervene.  He knew that the path I was on would lead to death.  He came so that I could have an abundant life of peace and joy.   So, He used the consequences of my bad behaviour to draw me to Himself.

Even though, I accepted Christ into my heart when I was 8 years old, my Holy Spirit education began when I was 21.  Looking back, I should have gone to Bible College instead of taking two years to become a travel consultant.  I’ve been toying with the idea of going to Bible College now, just to satisfy man, not that I think it wouldn’t be great fun. I do!!  But the Lord reminds me that He has prepared me exactly the way I am for His purpose and He doesn’t want me to be concerned about a title or a position.  The door He opens no man can shut.    1 John 2:27 says, “You have received the Holy Spirit, and He lives within you, so you don’t need anyone to teach you what is true.  For the Spirit teaches you everything you need to know, and what He teaches is true – it is not a lie.  (The Message Bible version adds, “uncontaminated by a single lie”)  The Holy Spirit’s teachings are uncontaminated by man’s imposed ideas.   As well, Jesus said, “As it is written in the scriptures, ‘They will all be taught by God.’  Everyone who listens to the Father and learns from Him comes to me.”   Is it possible to be prepared by God to do His work without Bible College?  HE seems to think so!

While in college, I worked my way through a twelve step program.  The program encouraged us to, “take what we like and leave the rest.”   We choose what makes sense to us and mold our belief system around our own thoughts and feelings.  However, God wants us to build our belief system on His Word.   I’ve decided to soar like an Eagle in this life by basking in the amazing events, that Ephesians 2:10 tells us, He has planned for us to do.   Experiences that He promises are beyond my best imaginings.  He will satisfy my soul and the desires of my heart.

While homeschooling my son, pre-planning the lessons was important but I learned to be flexible because Holy Spirit reserved the right to change my plans at any given moment.   His memorable lessons always last a lifetime.   I want the only Father that I’ve ever had, to be proud of me and I know He is.  The one thing in this life I am secure in, is “His Love for Me.”   Sometimes, I worry that I’m too much like Moses and instead of speaking to the rock, I will become angry and have to face the consequences.  What I mean is, that my hasty behavior will set me off the best destiny path the Lord has for me.  Regardless, I know that nothing can make My Father love me any less.  However, I prefer the speed of the Holy Highway rather than the bumpy wayward ditch.

Since the experience of my open vision, I’ve pursued intimacy with God passionately so that my life can be a living testament to Him.  In the same way that Jesus did many other things while he was here.   If those events were all written down, the whole world could not contain the books that would be written.  Our lives would produce many books as well.   No one knows what you are capable of.  Only He knows.   My Holy Spirit education will never be complete and I CAN do all things with Christ, who strengthens me.   I wouldn’t want to do it any other way!



Today, I praised God as we attended the Remembrance Day ceremony. My heart rejoiced because we can still sing “Oh Canada” with God in it; we can still read scripture in a public place; we can still display the cross as a symbol for the one’s that sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Jesus, being the first and greatest person who is worthy to receive praise and honor for the greatest sacrifice.
I ask the Lord to forgive our Mayor who references Muhammad and has the audacity to say that Canada’s reputation is made by man’s efforts. And while I’m at it, I want to ask the Lord to forgive our nation’s sins, past, present and FUTURE. Our good reputation as Peace Keepers is directly from God himself. Thank you, Lord for your mercy and your plans for the Canadian people.
We are entering into a very unsettling time, starting with the announcement of the recession and carrying on for the next few years but hopefully will be cut short by our diligent prayers. From the recent election results, it was evident that Canada is clearly divided in who they wanted to lead the country. This nation will be in for a rollercoaster ride with its new leading party. History has shown that every time the people chose to go their own direction which is away from God the country suffers. The mistakes or stains that this new leadership will make, that will be embraced by the citizens, will have dire consequences. I pray that the people’s eyes will be opened by the understanding of sin’s ramifications and we will seek the Lord, repent and be reconciled to Him once again.
Years ago, The Lord told me to go and buy a new paint brush. So I did. When I came home, He told me to paint the walls of my house with the blood of Jesus (imaginary blood, of course…this was a prophetic act that would protect my family against what was coming). After reading the book, “The Prayer of Jabez”, I wanted to impact my neighbors for the glory of God and the purposes of His kingdom, so I started praying the Jabez prayer faithfully for my whole block. Bad things started happening all around me. One neighbor was diagnosed with cancer and divorced her husband, another man had his wife committed for mental illness (I didn’t think she was ill at all), and yet another strong practicing “Jehovah’s Witness” family divorced and divided the family. Those are just a few of the stories I could tell. My point is that our prayers don’t always bring immediate gratification or positive results. Sometimes there is a sequence of events that must happen to bring people face to face with God.
Unfortunately the events that will transpire will keep Canadians focus off of their intended destiny, which is to bless Israel. The enemy’s plan is to keep our eyes on Canada’s problems. Israel is being attacked and it appears that they have been abandoned by allies who could help them fight off imposing threats. God promises that those who bless Israel will be blessed. Canada’s issues are easily remedied by focusing on God’s solutions. Please pray that our country will step up and rescue Israel and by doing so will reap the blessing that comes with it. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
There will be some who, though they have eyes cannot see and though they have ears cannot hear but after Canada has been faced with calamity, then they will know that I Am the Lord.



Recently, I forewarned my friends, family and co-workers that I am in the midst of making some adjustments in the way I speak.  Taking every thought and every word captive and bringing it into obedience has been interesting.   As I often get carried away in a story I am telling, I may need to ask the Lord for forgiveness right in mid-sentence.

In January, I felt the Lord impressing upon me to revisit the book “30 days to Taming your Tongue” as a New Year’s Resolution.   At the time, my thinking was that my tongue wasn’t that bad and with my sister-in-law, her 2 sons and her 3 dogs living with us, I had a lot on my plate. In truth, I felt the purpose of my unbridled tongue was stress relief.   As the year wore on, I could see that this place of discontentment that I had arrived at was a world created by the power of my tongue.

As I listened to a teaching on the effects cursing, which can be as simple as calling someone an idiot, has on one’s life, I started to realize that I had become angry, although it seemed justifiably so, the anger was creating negative circumstances.   So I quickly got out my prayer book and one by one started to renounce and rebuke or call back or put to flames the words I had used against people who had harmed me and started to pray for each person the way I pray for myself.

Adam F. Thompson, author of “The Supernatural Man” said that if you want to see your life change quickly and drastically for the better and if you want to walk in your destiny, then you must pray in tongues continuously. I started praying in and out of the Spirit as much as it came to my mind to pray.   I’ve been told and am aware that many people feel very uncomfortable with tongues as I did when the Lord encouraged me to start.   Some people think that tongues is a gift that is only given to some.   Speaking is a gift to us all. Communicating without the gift of speaking can be very difficult. Learning a new language or even sign language is a very challenging but rewarding skill.   God asks us to trust Him in the ability of acquiring a prayer language and we must step out of our comfort zone. We enter into it realizing that 97% of the things we say, we may never understand.  However our faith is built up as a result.   We gain greater understanding when the Spirit is communicating with our spirit.   My prayer language is a private and intimate undertaking but has been rewarding beyond my understanding.   God in His mercy allows us revelation and insight into how our faithfulness to our prayer language is being realized in our sphere of influence. The enemy (aka the devil) absolutely hates those who trust God at this level and frankly anything he hates I’m willing to undertake.   I definitely want the strongest weapons in my arsenal.

With repentance and constant prayer, it’s like jet fuel has been added to my walk with God.   In 6 short months, I have been used by God to produce miracles and I am excited for the next 6 months.




It is what we were created for. Our Purpose. Our Destiny!

I’m in Love with my Bridegroom King. He listens for hours and remains interested. In response, He satisfies my desires, fulfills my dreams and gives me gifts. This is no small feat because I have a bucket list the length of eternity.   He builds my confidence and has never broken it down. He asks me to wait and does not disappoint. Although it doesn’t sound like it, this relationship is two-sided. In trust, I have given Him my whole life and my whole heart. He is my hero, champion, lover (of my soul), best friend, and confidante! The one who created me and it is an honor and privilege to give back what is rightfully His.   Within His love, I have learned who I am.   I am an important member of His family “the church”.  I say important because there was a time when I couldn’t even choke out those words without bursting into tears. Understanding my importance has solidified, in my heart how important every one of his children are.

As I’ve shared before the Lord often speaks to me while I’m doing the normal things a homemaker does. One day, as I was putting my canning away, in my cold room, under the stairs, God’s love poured out over me. This presence of fullness and joy was illuminated light and tangibly light, meaning not heavy.  Impartation came with the understanding that this love was for everyone to experience and share without competition. I never again needed to be insecure about His love toward me. The desire to take everyone to heaven in my mothering arms became a powerful force.  The world teaches that love hurts more than it heals.   Love is being so abused.   People love for all the wrong reasons.   Selfish love is not love at all.   I grieve for those who don’t know they are loved with the abundant love Jesus offers. But in my grief is where I declare victory with my tears. Evangeline Johnson, in the seventy sixth issue of Above Rubies says, “Warriors cry tears with purpose. Their hearts are set on the knowledge that God sees their tears and acts on their behalf.” Tears are weapons against injustices such as human trafficking, slavery, abortion and corrupt governments as well as other issues that slap God in the face but that is for another blog.

Practicing Love with God, who is LOVE as well as the Perfect Father, the Best Brother, the Wonderful Counsellor, the Merciful King, the Lord of Heavens Armies, the Emmanuel is our life’s purpose.  Some people call this religion, I call it relationship.


A few months ago, I woke up singing “The Days of Elijah”, when suddenly the words stopped me in my tracks. Literally, I was stunned with the possibility.   The question that popped into my mind was, “Is this song prophetic?” so I went on a quest to find its origin.   According to the Jewish calendar, September 2015 just ended the seventh Shemitah. which adds up to 49 years. The fiftieth year is the year of Jubilee. This year will have two very distinct and opposite effects.   For those who are walking with God, they will experience blessing, deliverance, redemption, release, liberty, and rest.  Those walking away from God will experience judgement and sorrow from loss.   I believe this will affect both nations and as a result, individual citizens of the nations of the world.

My shock came as I sang the lyrics “Behold He (Jesus) comes riding on the clouds, shining like the sun at the trumpet call, lift your voice, it’s the year of Jubilee.”   Sometimes I have bad days and I sadly ask the Lord to take me home (to heaven) but I realized at that moment, I’m not ready for the Lord to return this year.   I respectfully and humbly requested another fifty years, if it is true that He is coming in a Jubilee year.   All along considering that Jesus requested that His Father take His cup (meaning death on the cross) from Him and we know how that went.   Your will be done, Lord, not mine.

So what is it going to take for me to be ready? What do I need to do on earth that I haven’t done yet that heaven won’t more than make up for?   How do I fulfill my destiny?

I’m going to start with a public confession.   At a low point in my life when I was feeling sorrow and remorse for the sin I’d committed against God for not asking Him who He wanted me to marry and taking it upon myself to enter into an unequally yoked marriage, the Lord told me that my life was likened unto Hosea’s. Not the same message but still a prophetic act lived out.   Back in Hosea’s day, I’m certain the people who examined his life probably thought he was crazy.  Most people would not believe that God would instruct him to marry a prostitute.  Hosea’s marriage illustrated to the Israelites how unfaithful they were being to God.

Before I chose to marry, God gave me ample warning but I did not know Him well enough to trust him.   What I did was wrong.  However, God never leaves us without hope.   Romans 8:28 says that God will make everything work together for the good of those who love Him. And I love him. And He has made my life good with the one exception.   After twenty years of marriage, my husband still refuses to acknowledge God. I’ve grown in relationship with the Holy Spirit and have learned to trust Him.   Therefore, I believe that I will see clearly both sides of the Jubilee. The good and the bad. God allowed my choice for His purposes. Although, I’m not yet sure of the message of my life to the world.

God is crying out, trying to warn us of the pending disasters ahead.   We need to listen very closely because those who hear and heed his instructions, will be given greater understanding and protection. Those who do not listen and obey, protection and understanding will be taken away. Without understanding, confusion and insanity will set in.   Not a pretty picture.   Many have turned away from God to various lusts of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life; but in spite of all this God remains faithful and patient, giving grace and mercy.



In the story of the prodigal son, there are two sons.   For the sake of this article, I am going to call the older son, “the frugal son”.   It’s important to note that in old testament times, the first born was entitled to the whole inheritance.   Usually the sense of entitlement comes from the first born child.   In this story it shows up in the younger son.   This is significant to show how far the Father is willing to go to prove His love toward all His children.   Simply agreeing to divide and share His wealth is an extremely loving act.   The wealth belongs solely to the Father.   If the father had nothing to give, the sons would be entitled to nothing.   However, our Heavenly Father, owns everything and we who love Him have been accepted by Jesus to share in that inheritance because of our Eldest Brother’s generosity.

Let’s compare the two. The prodigal son is the one who feels entitled to something that he doesn’t deserve and asks for what is not his to receive. His attitude is wasteful and selfish.   Very often, the frugal son doesn’t understand what he has access to, which is necessary to explore. The Father expects us to put to good use all the excellent things He has provided.

Prodigals allow the Lord partial access into their lives but maintain an “You can come in but don’t touch anything” attitude.   These ones want God to give them things and their only part in the relationship is receiving.   Often getting angry with God when life doesn’t work out in their favour and lacking responsibility for their actions are common traits of a prodigal. They do not let go of the steering wheel of their lives until the school of hard knocks has taught them painful lessons.   Blind to their Father’s teachings and the benefits of obeying his ways, they find themselves in disaster.   His truths are learned when trust is exercised, by obeying long enough, to experience the benefits. This relationship is shallow and one sided.

Frugals choose to give the Father complete control.   They want to stay close to Him because home is where their heart is and they quickly learn that Father knows best.   This relationship is give and take with both parties giving and receiving.   Working with their Father is a great honor. These sons invite the good and learn to deal with the bad, always challenging the bad while walking as graceful as possible through it.   This relationship is deep, intimate, constant companionship.   Although the frugal son questions the Father about throwing the prodigal son a party, it’s important to recognize that his relationship with the Father is safe.   Frugals enter into their Father’s presence to propose any objections. In that specific conversation, the frugal son finds out that the Father celebrates him every day.

The prodigal son is lost and dead until he comes home where he finds his true identity as a frugal son.   A lot of us are prodigal children at some point in our lives.   Ultimately, it’s important that we find our destined position hand in hand with our loving Father.



Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are; the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

After high school, I investigated possible career choices because I had no idea where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do.   So many opportunities! Why did I need to choose just one?   The desire to travel directed me to the  decision of becoming a travel consultant.   This choice of career put me exactly where God wanted me to be.   My course studies were not very intense which left time in my schedule for other advancements, like self improvement and serving others.   At that time, I felt the Lord’s hand upon my life more clearly than I had ever felt before.  He was preparing me for what would come next.

Before I was married I saw in a vision my first born son. I knew then I was meant to be a mother.   After giving birth to my four children and accepting the role of motherhood, some years later while attending a Christian meeting, I was called to attention by the speaker, Ben.   He prophesied over me saying, “ You are a spiritual mother but even greater you are a mother of many nations.”   He alluded to possibly going to raise children in another country which has not come to pass yet.  Although, I do have 3 foster children from El Salvador, Togo Africa, and Nepal.

While having lunch with a friend this week, she reminded me that being a wife is a calling as well.   In my experience,  it’s more challenging than motherhood, especially to one who blatantly refuses God at every opportunity.   I must humbly request your prayer for this calling.   From now on my prayer will be;  God grant husbands and wives the serenity to accept the things they cannot change, courage to change the things they can, wisdom to know the difference and patience while they wait for some things to change.”

We are also called to work as if the Lord is our boss.  We should work for Him the same way we love Him; with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our might and with all our strength.  Our calling may or may not produce an income but that should not stop us from fulfilling our destiny with passion.   God promises that when we “Seek His Kingdom First, All things will be added unto us.

God has called each of us individually to a HOLY calling, which is for his purpose and is only possible through the grace He very generously provides.   Our lives need to be pure, sacred, and glorifying toward God.   Just saying that makes me cringe.   At this point I need to remind myself that I am worthy because of what Jesus has done for me.   Fully realizing, I should try a lot harder to be a good girl.   Often I give myself liberty to be less than I could be because I believe that I’ve brought more people to Jesus being improper and unrefined.   It’s debatable.   I desperately want my Lord to be proud of me but I fail more often than I succeed.   Always remember God looks at your heart and is most concerned with your character.  Open your heart and listen to where He is leading so that you will live the complete destiny plan God intended for you.