Proverbs 31: 10-31 has been titled, “The Wife of a Noble Character.”    Why not the title, “The Fool’s Wife?” or “The Wise Wife”?   Depending on what kind of man you are, determines the kind of spouse you will end up with.   That’s why Jesus said that we should think of others before ourselves.   This thinking, directly influences the relationships we have. If you are self-centred, inevitably you will end up by yourself!

The first stanza reads, “Who can find a virtuous and capable wife?”   Years ago, my husband declared that he is the man he is because of me.   I wasn’t sure how to take that but he meant it to be a compliment.   He feels that he is a good man because he doesn’t go out drinking and partying, like other husbands do.   The impact that each person in the relationship has on the other is huge.   Do you want a good spouse? Then be a good spouse. Think about your behaviour.   If I do this, how will it affect the person I love the most, now and later?   If you always think of your spouse first, it will give you a better chance of having the kind of spouse that Proverbs 31 speaks about.   Of course, you cannot control the other person, so you need to be wise when you are choosing a partner to spend the rest of your life with.   Choose someone who genuinely cares for others. One, who is a noble character.

Some years ago, I heard a sermon about the issue of sex when dating.   The primary reason, not to have premarital sex is that your point of view becomes jaded.   Sex causes a euphoria that makes you overlook the other person’s faults.   This euphoria can cause you to make poor decisions.

Keep watch. Be sober. Let nothing make you stumble.   Evaluate what you want your life to look like in 10 years and make sure that your choice of mate’s ideas are similar and compatible with your vision. Choosing a mate should be one of the top five greatest things you will ever do.   Do not base it on physical appearance. Look to the heart of a person like God does.   Become a noble character so that your companion will feel free to be all that they can be. Which will bring you good, all the days of your life.





Life is the acronym for Living In Freedom Everyday.   Without the experience of freedom, life cannot be fully enjoyed.   Freedom must be contended for because there are so many external forces that want to get you in shackles.  Spiritual prison cells can be caused from offense, control, manipulation, expectations, among other things.  Everyday we must refuse to accept offense into our lives.  For example, when another driver cuts you off, quickly replace your foul language against him/her with forgiveness and blessings for the rest of their day.  It feels phoney at first but it makes accepting that people make mistakes and becoming light-hearted about the infractions people commit against you easier to let go of.  When someone is rude to you, realize that it is their problem and pray that the Lord will work peace, patience and kindness into that person’s heart.  While these behaviour’s allow you to remain emotionally free, they also create love in your heart for all God’s children.  Spending time with God every morning, where you experience peace and tranquility will make the chaotic periods of the day easier “to stay inside that peaceful state” which then makes the choice to reject offense effortless.  Honoring others by rejecting offense has a huge reward.  These behaviours also take courage because the human heart thinks it has a right to feel angry and vengeful which only leads to more negative thoughts and “the imprisonment”.  Often like William Wallace in the movie, Braveheart, sacrificing one’s own alleged rights to bring freedom to others is essential and achieves purpose in our lives.   I encourage you to be aware of how your heart responds to pure freedom.