Recently, I forewarned my friends, family and co-workers that I am in the midst of making some adjustments in the way I speak.  Taking every thought and every word captive and bringing it into obedience has been interesting.   As I often get carried away in a story I am telling, I may need to ask the Lord for forgiveness right in mid-sentence.

In January, I felt the Lord impressing upon me to revisit the book “30 days to Taming your Tongue” as a New Year’s Resolution.   At the time, my thinking was that my tongue wasn’t that bad and with my sister-in-law, her 2 sons and her 3 dogs living with us, I had a lot on my plate. In truth, I felt the purpose of my unbridled tongue was stress relief.   As the year wore on, I could see that this place of discontentment that I had arrived at was a world created by the power of my tongue.

As I listened to a teaching on the effects cursing, which can be as simple as calling someone an idiot, has on one’s life, I started to realize that I had become angry, although it seemed justifiably so, the anger was creating negative circumstances.   So I quickly got out my prayer book and one by one started to renounce and rebuke or call back or put to flames the words I had used against people who had harmed me and started to pray for each person the way I pray for myself.

Adam F. Thompson, author of “The Supernatural Man” said that if you want to see your life change quickly and drastically for the better and if you want to walk in your destiny, then you must pray in tongues continuously. I started praying in and out of the Spirit as much as it came to my mind to pray.   I’ve been told and am aware that many people feel very uncomfortable with tongues as I did when the Lord encouraged me to start.   Some people think that tongues is a gift that is only given to some.   Speaking is a gift to us all. Communicating without the gift of speaking can be very difficult. Learning a new language or even sign language is a very challenging but rewarding skill.   God asks us to trust Him in the ability of acquiring a prayer language and we must step out of our comfort zone. We enter into it realizing that 97% of the things we say, we may never understand.  However our faith is built up as a result.   We gain greater understanding when the Spirit is communicating with our spirit.   My prayer language is a private and intimate undertaking but has been rewarding beyond my understanding.   God in His mercy allows us revelation and insight into how our faithfulness to our prayer language is being realized in our sphere of influence. The enemy (aka the devil) absolutely hates those who trust God at this level and frankly anything he hates I’m willing to undertake.   I definitely want the strongest weapons in my arsenal.

With repentance and constant prayer, it’s like jet fuel has been added to my walk with God.   In 6 short months, I have been used by God to produce miracles and I am excited for the next 6 months.


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