Sunday’s sermon subject was in regards to favoritism.   As I pondered how this sermon related to me, I recollected a weekend I spent in the city anticipating a visit to one of the big anointed “on fire for God” churches, like Beulah Alliance Church.   One with excellent worship music and an engaging sermon, maybe even some prophetic words.   When I heard the Lord say, “Have you asked Me where I want you to attend?”   Suddenly my countenance was downcast, not only was I being reprimanded but I knew our visions for this weekend would be extremely different.   Maybe that’s why I had conveniently and subconsciously forgotten to ask Him. He spoke again, “Open the yellow pages.”    Arriving at the churches page, the three microscopic words, “Promised Land Ministries” seemed to shine like the sun.   With much skepticism, I acknowledged that the name of the church sounded great but considering its address and the size of the letters in the phone book only increased my hesitation.

Shortly after arriving and choosing a seat, I realized this was going to be an unforgettable experience.   Sitting beside a fella named Vincent from Valleyview, who was not a member of this congregation either, was comforting. However he had brought a friend who sat two rows ahead and to the left of Vince.  Thank goodness because he was determined to keep the Pastor entertained with his drunken mischief.   The church was small because it was new to the area so there were no musicians. We sang acappella. My voice requires instruments so I mouthed the words until the Lord reprimanded me about that too.

The church specialized in deliverance ministry which was probably another reason for its size.   Often the body is used as a metaphor for the church.  Deliverance ministries are like the parts of the body that always need to be covered.   Exposure could be deemed inappropriate and cause embarrassment.

Having come from poverty, I’ve never been racist or esteemed myself greater than I am so I didn’t think the favoritism sermon really applied to me.   However my choice between a large flamboyant, beautified church versus a modest humble, even poor congregation showed my error. I realized I was no different than the apostles asking to sit beside the Lord in His kingdom. To be a part of something greater was important to me.   God’s idea of greater was my idea of lesser.   I’ve since changed my point of view. I was exactly where the Lord wanted me to be and I’ve learned to expect with excitement what experiences the Lord has planned.


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