Vacations change our predicable schedules which explains this delayed blog posting.   Although there are several blogs I’ve been preparing, God’s choice was not one of those.   It became clear to me that  human-sacrifice is on His heart and I don’t mean the gory kind with knife and altar.

I confess this vacation was a submission for me.   My husband has been planning a salmon fishing trip in his mind for years.   Last year, he bought a huge boat and started equipping it for the ocean.   The last several days, I’ve needed to consciously remind myself to be patient and kind as it is not my cup of tea. One day of fishing from 8am to 7pm is enough to keep me for a long time. We have fourteen days of pure fishing bliss.   Ugh!!

Having chosen a larger than average family, I find that every day I am faced with decisions between self-centeredness and self-sacrifice.   While practicing the art of giving everything, my attitude took a downturn.  As a living martyr, I let my body become run down.  At the point of exhaustion, revelation came.   I realized then that I had neglected to rest in my Lord when I should’ve been.  God was not expecting me to give absolutely everything to my harm (even though Jesus did*).   He does want me to check in with Him so I know which way to go and what to do.   Jesus did nothing except what the Father told him to do.   When I contemplate what heaven is going to be like, I always remember there will be no selfishness.

I realize that some words associated with the bible are bad words to the wild human spirit, like obedience, submission, often forgiveness and especially self-sacrifice.   God intended them to be love words.   Words that bring blessing into our lives.   Maybe we have all heard of the sacrifice Jesus made for us but most of us have not completely understood its fullness.   Jesus is above all because of the act of laying down His life especially for you and me.   His sacrifice is so far reaching.   We are supposed to seek first God’s kingdom so that the Holy Spirit may impart to us the many functions Jesus death on the cross has the ability to work in our lives today.   The knowledge that only Holy Spirit can give will explode our capabilities within our existence.   We are meant to be victorious warriors filled with love for one another.   Lay down your life for another so that you may know what Jesus choice means to you personally.   I will testify, though not easy, God’s promises and rewards make it worth it!

* Side note: I believe that if the Lord gives it to me to be a martyr, He will first prepare me to do so as He did with Jesus.   Preferably, I would like to exit this universe the way Enoch, Moses or Elijah did.   Interested? For personal research read the Holy Bible any version or better yet all versions  Genesis 5:24 / Jude 14 / Deuteronomy 34 / 2 Kings 2


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