Recently, offense has been trying to take root in my life.   Last week, I was paid two very great insults that in all honesty hurt my feelings.   The person delivering the message, I believe to be somewhat innocent of the damage that was done but I know with certainty that the spirits behind the scheme know full well what their goal is.   You see the devil has a game plan.   If you are interested I would encourage you to read, “Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis.   His novel, written from the point of view of Satan aka Uncle Wormwood, details how the enemy is teaching his nephew (lesser demon) to destroy relationships especially families using the divide and conqueror war strategy.

The devil’s lies keep my friend in a dungeon where the door is wide open. She is free to believe the truth and walk right out of there any time she wants but instead she subjects herself to wolves in sheep’s clothing who she values above her good friends.   Constantly looking for her worth in man keeps her defeated.   What she hasn’t experienced yet is that when she finds her worth in God her life will become abundant and full.   I feel sorry for my friend but in my experience when doing things for people from a pitying stand point usually ends up making me feel like I’ve just been kicked in the teeth.   As the old saying goes “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”   I can spoon feed her truth but if she spits it out,  I must leave her to her own demise.   Each time I think of the pain her words caused me, I refuse to accept what was said and forgive those who hurt me.   If there is a smidgeon of truth in what was said I ask the Lord to show me my error and correct me.   As I’ve said before, it is often a repeated process before I feel completely free.

Always remember honoring others even when you want to kick them in the butt has a greater reward.


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