God calls his children to heal the broken-hearted.  However, we must be healed so that we have the tools to help others get well. We must do the work it takes and be practicing the disciplines of prayer, praise, devotion and repentance which will keep us in close communion with the Lord. Experiencing God’s ever-present companionship every day gives us the ability to lead others in keeping their hearts healthy. Jesus wept and had compassion on others. This proves that there is a time to grieve and cry. We must be vulnerable and empathetic but strong in the Lord to lead people out of dark places.

I think understanding this world and how it works is important so we don’t fall prey to self-pitying depression that imprisons us.  Understand that this world is an imperfect place. Everyone has choices and often we don’t make good choices for ourselves or others. Sins are simply bad choices. However, making the decision to live our lives for His purpose will change our course and open us up to start reaping his goodness as well as it spilling onto those within our influence.

We must revisit those traumatic memories that are keeping us captive today. We go back there only with Jesus because we need Him to lead us through while giving us his perspective and understanding so we can come out free. By seeing how Jesus interprets the circumstance, our view changes and we let go of our negative perceptions which allows for forgiveness and reconciliation.  For example, there was an old lady that would go on her roof and talk on the phone at midnight. She also had some other behaviours that at first appearance seemed odd. Most of her neighbors thought she was crazy. After becoming acquainted with the lady, one young boy discovered that she had very good reasons for doing the things she does. Midnight was the only time the telephone reception was clear enough to talk to her daughter who lived around the world. Do you see how when our perception changes our judgment changes as well?

Letting the Holy Spirit comfort us in times of grief and trouble is a preservation of the soul and a mending of the broken heart.



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