While my husband prefers the “Trial and Error” method in life, I definitely prefer knowledge and wisdom leading to good solid choices.  Recently, I’ve been educating myself with the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” teachings.  It’s author, Robert Kiyosaki encourages making mistakes.  His theory is that the more you make the more you learn.  I dread this idea.  Why can’t I just learn first and avoid making mistakes altogether?  Why isn’t learning from others who have blazed the trails before me good enough?  After teaching my children what I know, they may not make the same blunders I made instead they make completely different ones.  Why? Why? Why?

The purpose of starting this blog was to get writing creatively to establish the self discipline it takes to become an author.   Something that has always been on my heart and mind.  Although I knew it would be extremely hard work, I definitely was not prepared for all the sacrifices and lifestyle changes, writing requires.  My desire was to  make a whole bunch of money because I thought my story was a good one.  Being a  lover of books and a lover of people, I’ve learned that most everyone has a good story.  In the movie, “Troy”,  Brad Pitt plays the character of Achilles who is determined to leave a legacy in this world.  After undertaking this project, I have to ask myself how important is it to me to pass on what I have learned.   Do I have a big enough motivation to keep going?  I’ve decided the answer is Yes.

One goal, I’ve set for myself is to always be good to my readers so I’ve decided to only post one blog per week and I’ve chosen Wednesday to be the designated day.  Please pray for me as I continue this journey of sharing my life with the world or rather anyone who is listening.  Thank you for listening and I will be praying for you too.


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