If God is holy and perfect, how can He be “Jealous”?  Today is my 20th wedding anniversary.   My husband has expected faithfulness from his wife and rightfully so.   God, like my husband, also expects exclusive devotion from his people.    Awhile back, I participated in a prophetic conference where we practiced our prophetic awareness.   The instructions of one exercise was to look around the room and choose a person whom you felt the Lord was giving a word for.   Spotting a lady in a green sweater, I instantly received the word “Envy” and anxiously dismissed the thought as a negative word.   I proceeded to pick a different person.  However, during  dinner intermission, the Lord spoke to me very vividly.  He said, “Judy, what is my name?”   It came to me that one of the names of the Lord is “Jealous”.    Once I accepted that it wasn’t a negative word and God provided more information, I went back to talk to the lady.  She had just recently divorced her husband and God wanted her to know that He yearned to be her favorite.  Her true love.  He longed for her undivided attention and affection.  Releasing the pain of rejection from her former husband, she wept.  At that moment, she realized how much God loved her and desperately wanted her to be fulfilled and complete in Him.    To this day, I can’t remember the word I gave the second lady but I will never forget the lady in the green sweater.   God wants you to make Him the love of your life.   So much so that if there is something you are requesting that He knows will turn your heart away from him, he may not grant your request.   On the contrary, He may if He knows that you will learn an eternal lesson from the circumstances of the answered prayer.  God  is jealous for each one of us and rightfully so.  Be monogamously faithful to the one who loves you the most.


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