By obeying, one finds the rewards of obedience.   In the middle of the night, God woke me saying, “Prepare to leave ELH.”  Although I loved my job, I had become irritated with my boss so the thought of leaving the company didn’t stir up rebellion within me.   Still I began questioning the Lord about his declaration because I had poured myself into the company with many prayers and hard work for four years.  Curiously I asked, “Why?”

He said, “Your purpose is fulfilled there.”

I replied, ” How so?”

The answer came later that day while visiting the coworker that trained me as a field operator.   It was revealed that I had impacted my cross-shift to recommit his life to Jesus Christ referring to a post on Facebook.  More accurately, my unbelieving friend’s comment was, “I hear you converted my nephew.”   In shock and excitement, I was anxious to hear it from the horse’s mouth as I am not a practicing member of Facebook.  I am happy to announce the report was true.

One year after my departure from the company, the person that had replaced me was laid off because the run was altered due to changes in the field.  The same day this news came to me, my current boss shared that she had been praying for someone suitable to hire. In this revelation that was due to my obedience came the understanding that God saved me from unemployment and made me an answer to prayer.  Being used by God is a great reward.


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