Do you know that the root word of charity, in the Greek, actually means to show unconditional love for others.  Unconditional love should never be taken for granted.  Today is my brother’s birthday.  Lee was the one person who consistently expressed the greatest love toward me.  He made me feel like the most important person in the universe just by walking in the room.  With Lee, my true self was always exposed.  When I was silly, he thought I was funny.  When he was in pain or angry, he often bit people but not me.  When I comforted him, he was always gentle.  He would gaze at me in the most loving way and his expressions were always sincere. Without a word, he was able to give me the most and the best. Lee was severely handicapped but his communication of love was clearly evident.  So when he died, I was crushed.  Who would give me what only Lee knew how to give.  Human love is so fickle.   It’s as fleeting as the wind.  God’s love is ever present and never failing.  I’ve had no choice but to trust the Lord more now than ever.  It was really hard at first because when I fell, I fell hard.  Getting up was not easy but God is faithful.  He grants small mercies.  Other special people came into my life who revealed a hint of the adoration, I once had. It should be easy but giving back of myself the way Lee gave to me has been a challenge.  Mostly, I want to stay in my protected cocoon in the presence of God alone, where it’s safe.  However, He promises to sustain me as I reach out.  When we are exhibiting God’s love toward anyone, we are giving the best possible gift.  Next time, I want to give a homeless person some money, instead I will ask them if they want to join me for lunch.


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