There is a war going on in my house.  Even being the bundle of joy that I am, my influence seems to be limited over the conflict that exists 75% of the time under my own roof.  Why is it so difficult for human beings to live in harmony?  The world doesn’t like to think about God versus the Devil or Angels versus Demons but there is a war going on around us all the time in the unseen world and it seems to me that the devil’s team is winning.  Is it because people just don’t care?  Certainly, we don’t enjoy being unkind to each other?  Justification of one’s ridiculous defensive behaviour is on the rise.  “He did this to me so I had every reason to do that to him.”  Really??  I’ve heard many times at funerals, attendants say, “At least he went to a better place.”   If he was unkind everyday of his life, why would he have been granted admission into the better place?   You may not choose to be born and you may not choose to die but everything outside of that is for you to decide.  Please choose kindness or to walk away.  God will be proud of you for taking the higher ground.  Heaven is the place for people who want to live where happiness exists because of the standard of goodness.  Some good things that we can work toward achieving a little of now and look forward to more of in the future are love that never fades, loyalty, honor, respect, joy, peace, wellness and much more.  Determine to fight with goodness!


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