A wise counsellor once told me that I needed to practice accepting praise.   She felt that I mentally threw the compliments others gave me in the figurative garbage can.   She instructed me to say thank you and later write the words on a paper and read them often until gradually coming to believe the edifications.  Let’s consider taking this important practice of appreciation one step further.  Praise not only changes your perspective, it can also change the atmosphere.   I challenge you to test this theory.   When you enter a room that is thick with anxiety, practice peace and patience.   Breathe joy deep into your soul, sing a happy song silently to lift your spirits and smile at the others in the room but try to say as little as possible and if you need to speak, say it in a calm uplifting manner.   If there is an act of kindness you can perform, do it in humility.  Give it at least 10 minutes and you will see a major shift happen right before your eyes.  It’s really fun too.  It’s along the same principle of sowing and reaping.  Singing and speaking good words plants beautiful spiritual creations that grow and you receive the privilege of enjoying later.  Keep planting in goodness.  Keep watering with kindness because living with an attitude of gratitude for life is praising God with the greatest adoration.  In return, God esteems us as royalty in his eyes.  If you don’t believe me, read Revelation 1:6.  That is the highest praise!


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