Nobody likes to wait, even when asked nicely.    Have patience?  Why?  Besides waiting on others and future plans, some other things we abhor waiting for are the doctor, sex and money.  An acquaintance had brought an investment opportunity to our attention.   Feeling excited about its possibilities, I wanted to rush in and start making money as soon as possible.    Early bird gets the worm. Right?  In my wisdom, I did converse with God about it and He very clearly said, “Wait”.   That statement held me in my tracks for a short time until a thought occurred to me.   If all He wanted me to do was wait then what could be the harm in proceeding a bit earlier than expected.  After all He didn’t say, “No”.   After waiting a little while, I handed over my $3000 that I would never see again.   I chose to proceed when the One, who sees all and knows all, told me very gently to be patient.   Although a small amount was retrieved through the courts, it was a needless loss.   God clearly knew something I did not and was testing and teaching me to trust him.  A very good parenting strategy.  As a parent, I too want my children to wait.  God designed sex to be for marriage only.   After twenty years of marriage, I know something they do not.  However, their response to me is very similar to the one I had toward God when He told me to wait.  The voice in their young minds saying “Surely it won’t hurt if I do things my way or a little sooner than expected.  Like God, I want them to learn to trust me too.  Another lesson from experience is that rebelliousness  and impatience leads down the road to mistakes and regret.  There have been times when God has impressed upon me that I need only trust.  I don’t need to understand.   He wants to give us understanding but we need to put the horse before the cart.


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