Protection has been the most prominent of God’s many promises throughout my lifetime.  I can write more stories about God’s faithfulness regarding protection than any other promise.  Literally hundreds and probably more accurately thousands of times he has moved me out of harm’s way.

At the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve, just as I was getting out of the taxi cab I was driving, another call came in.   Instead of proceeding inside the Legion Hall to give celebratory hugs and kisses to my mom and Uncle Arvard, against my better judgment, I made the decision to take the next fare.  Thinking that it would be a quick trip and I would come right back and finish what I set out to do in the first place.  However, life often throws us curve balls.  As I rounded the bend in the country road, I felt a jolt and heard a “thunk.”   In a bit of confusion, I stopped the van and got out to see what had happened. As I laid eyes on the front grill which was smashed in a perfectly centred kind of way, I heard a strange crying sound.  After getting a flashlight, I spotted a wounded deer in the ditch behind the van.  Both the deer and myself were in deep distress.  The doe was dying and I was unharmed.  The impact was deeper than physical, it was spiritual.  If I could have a “do over”, I would have heeded my intuition and been able to give my uncle a last hug before he went to heaven and the deer would have lived another day.

As a taxi cab driver at the worst time of night for the worst display of humanity, I was protected in the most miraculous ways.  Often I have been able to see God’s merciful protection at work but I know that there are countless times that I have not seen the ways I’ve been preserved for his pleasure.  In my forty odd years, I’ve been a bit fearless, taking unnecessary risks with my life so I am eternally grateful that God is truly the “Best Promise Keeper.


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