Is there anything that people talk more about than the weather.   At first, when I started in the oilfield, I thought it rather odd that every morning’s ritual was the weather report.  This disturbed me.  Trusting in man’s abilities where he or she really has no power without supernatural intervention is foolishness.  Trusting the weatherman’s forecast is as feeble as playing the lottery and winning.  Yes, it can happen but the odds are against you.  Is it going to rain? Absolutely but if I had to put my money on the exact time.

On the other hand, do you hear God’s voice in a storm.  Some think that when it thunders, God is angry.   Is he trying to get our attention?  Instill a bit of holy fear, with lightning bolts and crashing thunder.   Hearing God’s voice is absolutely life saving, whether in the midst of a storm or not.  Listening to the voice of God and obeying his instructions leads to satisfaction and that sense of purpose that we are all searching for.  Constantly inquiring about the things that are happening around you brings the answers you are inquiring about.  Patience though, He doesn’t always answer immediately but He always answers.  Awareness of God’s presence brings abundance to life.  It brings depth to understanding and knowledge.  Practice the following principles and you will weather any storm life can throw at you.

Look back and Thank God

Look forward and Trust God

Look around and Serve God

Look within and Invite God


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