Speaking to the Lord, as I would a constant companion has proven to be very practical.  Does speaking to God in this way depreciate Him?  If it did, would He grant my prayer?  You decide.

While contemplating my circumstances, if and when my youngest son was to return to the public school system after one year of homeschooling, I uttered a simple request of my Lord.   Descending the stairs with a laundry basket in hand my words spoken were,  “Father, if I’m to get another job, please make it 9am to 3pm so that I am still available for the children.”  Imagine my shock when the phone rang a week later and I heard these precise words, “Hey Jude, wanna job… it’s 9 to 3.”   No one knew of my request to God. Some might say it couldn’t have been more crystal clear.  God’s response had come so quickly that I wasn’t absolutely convinced that it was the answer.  Past mistakes had made me leery of making future blunders.  Recalling my prayer and my desire, I hesitantly gave her the bewildered reply.   Accepting what seemed to be a silver platter offer, I advanced into an administrative position in an oilfield company, without any prior oilfield experience.  What’s more bizarre is that my friend was not the boss.  She was actually leaving the company to pursue selling real estate and wanted her boss to have an equally efficient office staff.  For some reason, she thought I was the lady for the job.  All I had to do was shake the hand of the owner and start training at the mercy of my very loyal friend.  Accepting God’s gracious handout resulted in many more amazing opportunities.  Although, God is my commander in chief, Jesus came to be my servant and friend.  In this case, I believe that my desire was already His desire.


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