The picture above is as tragic as the condition of my soul before God changed me.  Experiences as a child had imprisoned my thinking that only God knew how to grant freedom from.   Growing up in Canada on Social assistance, I thought we were poor.  Truth be told, I don’t remember missing a meal.  We, my three brothers and one sister,  never overate because our widowed mother knew the reality of our situation.  She always rationed us so that everyone got their fair share.  We learned to care for the welfare of everyone in our family.  Maybe it was easier for us because my youngest brother was handicapped and if we didn’t feed him, he wouldn’t get fed.  We couldn’t afford the “me first” attitude that is prevalent in Canada today.  However, the feeling of never having enough or the security of being well taken care of resided with me.  With these feelings came the grasp for gain.

How did He change my heart?  God’s ways are definitely not our ways.   Amazingly, the transformation came through giving.  It didn’t seem rational to my logical brain but was highly effective.  It started with a job that He used for His extreme glory (which is another story).  Secondly, my heart had committed to giving God his rightful portion. After faithfully giving, each month my income grew.   Within four years, it had increased by $11.00/hour.  Please understand this was no ordinary act for me.  I believed like the majority that I could not afford to give.  Before having taken on this challenge, twenty dollars would have been a huge sacrifice to wrap my greedy mind around.  At the end of God’s experiment, giving as much as I had given in one month was nothing short of a miracle.  For the first time in my life, I believed in God’s sowing and reaping principle and I was cured in a monetary way.

Part 2 to come.


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