Every good gift comes from the Father. Every bad gift comes from the counterfeiting enemy. Since the enemy of our souls is not a creator, all he can do is copy or mimic the good gifts God gives. For example, the opposite of a prophet is a psychic. I’m not saying the adversary has no power because he has whatever power you relinquish to him. I am saying that his motivations are very dishonorable toward you. He does not love you or want your ultimate good like the perfect Father does. At eighteen years of age, I wanted to know what my future held. Instead of asking God, I visited a fortune teller. Apparently, my fate as a mother would consist of giving birth to three children, then suffering a miscarriage. Three years after giving birth to our third and what we thought would be our last child came the surprise of another conception. Fear was very present at first until I realized the power was within my ability to alter my destiny. Rejecting and refusing to believe the negative words spoken over my circumstances, I started professing aloud the truth and thanking God for protecting the child inside me. By this time in my relationship with God, I knew that he wanted my baby alive.  Upon accepting the truth, peace invaded my soul and we were blessed with a baby girl after having three little boys.  Children are a gift from the Lord.


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