One of my earliest memories consists of my dad’s death.  Shortly thereafter,  a handy man, who became my step-father, showed up to help a poor pregnant widow with work around her property.  He was a strong, handsome man until he drank.  Then he became a physically abusive alcoholic.  A father has many roles and one of those roles is to give his children a centre or roots, if you will.  Knowing they can trust their father, children develop a sense of security within.  Needless to say, I grew up not really knowing who I was or where I belonged.  Struggling with my identity day by day.  Until at the age of eight, after asking Jesus to come and live in my heart, I accepted God as the only Father I would ever have.  That joyful moment lead me into a deep meaningful relationship with our creator.   One life changing day, I realized that I didn’t trust him at all and I had to make the conscious decision and effort to start. It has been a rocky road but I have learned my lessons well.  As a result of getting to know God more and more, my character grows stronger and  liking myself becomes easier.  Today I can say I trust him 100%.  Knowing with certainty that He knows and wants the absolute best for me and is hard at work to that end.  After all it is a mutual interest of ours.  Trust me when I say his promises are worthy of trust.  On a scale of 1 to 10, how much have you learned to trust the one who loves you the most?  It makes all the difference within your identity!


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