Healthy senior couple meditating at the sea shore

There is one thing I would choose over all the money in this world.  That thing is PEACE.  You can have complete silence and not have peace.  You can have what appears to everyone else as a perfect life and still have no peace.  Einstein said, “Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding.”  I think  it must be harder for  a woman to live in a peaceful state than for a man.   I’ve heard that men have “nothing boxes” in their minds where they like to spend a lot of their time which baffles women far and wide.  I’ve been reassured that there truly is nothing in it but I wonder if it is surrounded by cement walls and sound barriers. When someone comes a knocking they hide in it and hope the person goes away.  Does that equate to peace? I confess that I often don’t understand the male state of mind.  However, I will testify that you can live with eight people (six boys and 2 girls) and still maintain peace while being mentally present.  Well?Maybe more mentally present than the one who sits in front of the TV with the remote in his hand while in his nothing box.  Either way, when peace is present it is like a cool drink of water.  Absolute serenity without a worry. A mind filled with the sense of harmony and joy where you feel like all is right with the world amongst all its chaos.  May you be blessed with peace!!


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