Following Life, the second best thing God gave human beings in the Garden of Eden was Choice.  The gift of choice increases my attitude of gratitude.  When men or women, playing god, try to take away my freedoms, I become very angry . When faced with decisions, I ask God to help me. Then committing to a decision,  I trust God always and I trust me sometimes.  Very often when talking to people about the state of the world, the same question arises.  “Why doesn’t God do anything to make this world a better place?”  If what people want is supernatural intervention all the time, God would be overriding our personal freedoms.  To understand what He has done or is currently doing, you must make the effort to know him intimately.  By creating us in His image and then sending his Spirit to dwell within us, our actions directly affect what he is doing in the world.  Whether you are praying or actually rolling up your sleeves, He works in and through you.  Remember, it was Jesus choice to die on the cross to fulfill God’s long term plan.  People didn’t think that Jesus was doing enough to change world affairs either but he is still remembered nineteen hundred and eighty five years after his departure from earth.  Will you be remembered for your world changing healthy choices?


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