My life’s purpose is to encourage you. To get you thinking about destiny, hope, faith and heaven.  God says we are citizens of Heaven.  This world is a test and a preparation for eternity.  Eternity holds love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control.  Which means we need a lot of practice before we get there.  These things are not just given to us like a genie in a bottle grants wishes.  These are things that are tried and tested.  The encouragement comes when we believe that we can have that here on earth. The catch is, ” It starts with you!!”  You must exhibit these characteristics in order for them to be displayed back to you.  You remember the adage ” you reap what you sow”?  Well get started now because its going to take all your time on earth to create anything close to perfection.  But don’t worry about being perfect because God loves you just the way you are, right now.  He will never stop working with you on his best creation ever…”You”.  Whatever you need, He’s just a prayer away.  Even your heart’s desire uttered in silence, He hears.  Have the most amazing day!!


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