I was going to confess to being a hypocrite and request your forgiveness but after looking up the definition, I realized that I may only appear to be a hypocrite based on my very visible mistakes.   Apparently, hypocrisy is based on pretending that you are something you aren’t.   Often, I swear because I like to and once in a blue moon I may have too many alcoholic beverages leading to a headache the following morning while holding to the Bible’s beliefs.  I am a Jesus Freak.  I love God more than any of you.  Am I perfect? Absolutely not and frankly, I don’t want to be.  I just want to be me.  Imperfect, unpretentious me!  I also hold to unconditional love which means I will always love you to the inclusion of all your faults.  Mwuahhhh!!!


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